OpenSSH for Devs

There have been many surprises as I’ve moved from Sysadmin to Coder. Some of them are a product of switching contexts: what was once “common knowledge” is now “tips & tricks” (and vice versa). One tool that has regularly come up is SSH. It can be painful to watch developers jump through unnecessary hoops (over and over again) in order to access remote hosts.

Brewer's CAP Theorem

Starting with the punk rock creation story, Brewer’s CAP Theorem discusses the fascinating, proven theorem that you can’t have all three of consistency, availability, and partition-tolerance in a distributed system. A very interesting follow-up is: A CAP Solution (Proving Brewer Wrong). It approaches the problem by dynamically guaranteeing different CAP properties instead of trying to guarantee them all at once.

Released Virtualenv Burrito 2

This Python breakfast just got tastier. A major update to the way Virtualenv Burrito works was released this weekend. There is now full support for extension points and a less hackish way of managing the packages1 under the hood.

Announcing Virtualenv Burrito

Over the weekend I finished1 a tool called Virtualenv Burrito. It’s goal was to be a single command which would setup Virtualenv and Virtualenvwrapper so you could start hacking on Python projects as quickly as possible. As a bonus, it installs the virtualenv-burrito command which will upgrade those packages to the latest versions I’ve tested.

Adam Simpson's 2011 BAFTA illustrations

See Adam Simpson’s 2011 BAFTA illustrations for the 5 Best Film nominees. Also see his gorgeous BAFTA mask illustration used for the tickets.