Halloween Critical Mass

This year’s Halloween Critical Mass was as awesome as always. A few thousand (my guess) people showed up in costumes and lights and (of course) political motifs. After many rides over many years in San Francisco, and a few scary, but important, rides in Manhattan, the SF Halloween Mass is one event I’ll keep showing up to year after year. In fact, it sounds like this year it was the main Halloween event in the city!

A way to STOP text message spam

If you are being text spammed by a short-code (a mobile number typically 5 digits long), just reply with “STOP”. This should work if it’s a service that cares to not piss off its recipients. This probably won’t work for an annoying relative. In my case, spam was coming from a service called Kadoink, and after I sent “STOP”, I got back a text that said I’d receive no more messages. I suspect this is some sort of industry accepted command: I found it in AT&T’s, What YOU can do to control cell phone spam.

CA Prop 8 invokes Hitler?!

How they dare to bring Hitler into the mix is beyond me. As if gay marriage could possibly, in any way, be put on par with what Hitler brought to the world. It’s totally insane and made me donate 4x my previous amount to Vote No on Prop 8. Please donate (and of course vote NO, if you can)! I originally donated thanks to a post made by A Coder Who Says Py.

James from outta nowhere …

Good basketball has me out of my seat waving, whooping, and worrying; wonderful emotions that come out during the NBA Playoffs. My neighbors must love me. 😉 Here’s a little audio excerpt of a great moment. I love it when the announcers are having just as good a time.