Stewart Brand on Gavin Newsom's sustainable cities talk

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom gave a seminar for The Long Now Foundation entitled “Cities and Time”. If you live in San Francisco or are interested in Cities going “Green”, check out Stewart Brand‘s summary of the talk: Mayor Gavin Newsom, “Cities and Time”. It’s interesting to read about some of the things the mayor would like to see happen in San Francisco. Of course, he won’t be in office to make good on his desires, but these kinds of comments are probably smart if you want to run for Governor of California.

Forbidden Twitter

On most sites I visit, error pages are infrequent. On Twitter, problems are so common the error pages have their own cultural currency. Sadly, I still regularly hit errors without such soothing imagery:

What real revolutions are like

Clay Shirky has an incredible article about the Newspaper industry failing to come to terms with its own demise. Gems of wisdom abound throughout, but I found this particularly striking: That is what real revolutions are like. The old stuff gets broken faster than the new stuff is put in its place. The importance of any given experiment isn’t apparent at the moment it appears; big changes stall, small changes spread.

Off-hours innovation

Zed Shaw’s NYC VCs Can’t Do Math poses a theory on why California has so many tech startups: There are several reasons why technology just doesn’t take off [in NYC] the way it does in Silicon Valley. The primary reason in my mind is that California has laws that protect employees from their employers stealing off-hours work. In California, tech workers have no problem working on the next hot start-up in their spare time because they know Megalo Corp won’t own it when they’re done.

Techcrunch quality

Perhaps’s recent revelation will elighten more people to a longstanding reality about the tabloid Techcrunch: Techcrunch are full of shit On a whim, I decided to look up and found a blog that was created (but never used) in November 2007. It’s been crap for longer than that., however, is a fantastic service. I've been using it since February 2006 and visit it on an almost daily basis.