San Francisco

Stewart Brand on Gavin Newsom's sustainable cities talk

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom gave a seminar for The Long Now Foundation entitled “Cities and Time”. If you live in San Francisco or are interested in Cities going “Green”, check out Stewart Brand‘s summary of the talk: Mayor Gavin Newsom, “Cities and Time”.

It’s interesting to read about some of the things the mayor would like to see happen in San Francisco. Of course, he won’t be in office to make good on his desires, but these kinds of comments are probably smart if you want to run for Governor of California. 😉

Wikipedia to relocate to San Francisco

While looking for some voting information on San Francisco’s government website, I saw this press release: Wikipedia to Relocate to San Francisco. Basically, the Wikimedia Foundation will be moving here at the beginning of 2008. Hopefully, that will bring more local talks by Jimmy Wales. The last time I heard him was at Stanford when Mosuki was attending Howard Rheingold and Andrea Saveri‘s Literacy of Cooperation. Jimmy Wales’ lecture was one of my favorite.