New York

This is the NYPD

More unnecessary force and an illegal arrest. Many officers in the NYPD continue to work out of control and above the law.

Manhattan: First two photos.

Living in the East Village (NY, NY) for the summer. Keeping a loose journal on the wiki. Email me if you want a link to it. It’s not super private, but it’s not so much meant for other people, i.e. it may be boring. :)


RNC Quick Update

Before I write up my personal experience of yesterday’s Bike Bloc, here are links to good information about the last couple of days.

BNC Critical Mass

Last night critical mass rode as what is likely the largest mass of riders in its world history. The low estimate by police and media is between 5000 and 6000 riders while the reasonable high estimate is as many as 10,000. The Bike National Convention, spearheaded by bike activist group Times-Up!, was a major force behind the swell of riders in last night’s tour of the city.

Critical Mass rides through Times Square