James from outta nowhere …

Good basketball has me out of my seat waving, whooping, and worrying; wonderful emotions that come out during the NBA Playoffs. My neighbors must love me. 😉 Here’s a little audio excerpt of a great moment. I love it when the announcers are having just as good a time.

Yeast After Me

For some reason, a couple of lovely artists decided I could taint their show, Repeat After Me, with an attempt at Art (more likely, art). Being in love with the science of complexity, the topic of self-replication has come up more than a few times. Fortunately, my original, colder, less fun idea wouldn’t come to fruition in time for the show, so I’ve been forced towards a more seasonally appropriate goal: the creation, recording, and imbibing of beer.

the sound of azuki beans

refamiliarizing myself with the self-healing cookbook, i decided to cook up some azuki beans. one half-hour into their simmer they should be cold shocked.

listening to the beans boil against the pot, i was enjoying the rhythm in which they scraped against the metal vessel. as if the bubbles rattling the beans were coming from a bellows. the sound of submerged, scraping beans was padded with the quiet rumble of escaping vapor.

the balance changed over time (as the beans soften, the high-tones degrade). slowly, the highs muted away until finally, the sound of bean scraping metal was gone. then i looked at the time and saw it was the half-hour point. which made me wonder if this was how the half-hour point was chosen.