Tired of (yet again) fixing the Elasticfox Firefox extension to work with the latest version of Mozilla Firefox, I finally just made one with an absurd maximum version defined.

elastic band

You can easily create one yourself. Since xpi files are zip files, it’s something like:

  1. mkdir tangerine; cd tangerine
  2. unzip /path/to/elasticfox.xpi
  3. edit install.rdf so maxVersion is 99.0
  4. zip -r9X ../elasticfox-forever.xpi .
  5. drag elasticfox-forever.xpi onto Firefox

Or cop out and click this: elasticfox-forever.xpi

Update 2011-09-23: Using * for the maxVersion still didn’t cut it so I’ve updated the article and xpi file to use a maxVersion of 99.0.

Image modified from I’m with the band by theilr. CC:by-sa.