Nothing is so bad as that which is not so bad.

— The Scarlet Pimpernel

Tonight was the first experiment towards a mango & mint cocktail. With only enough light rum for a single drink, the Mojito was chosen as the basis to build upon: fresh mango was muddled with mint, lime, and simple syrup. The lime made me uneasy, but since I’m still feeling very lost and new at the art of cocktail creation, I am in a serious data collection role. Learning what flavors mismatch is as interesting as learning which flavors match.

The Mojango was a failure as a “mango & mint cocktail”. Although, not so bad, it literally tasted like someone had thrown some mango into a Mojito: there was little sense of a marriage between the mango and the rest of the flavors. The current theory is the problem lies with the lime. The lime brings together the Mojito so well, I’m not sure there is room for the mango. Hence, experiment #2: Mango Rum Smash.