Three infusions were made.

  • Into vodka was placed mango and mint
  • Into vodka was placed mango, mint and cucumber
  • Into gin was placed mango and a bit of cucumber

They all have their pros and cons, though the gin infusion is possibly too strange to be practical.

Tonight’s cocktail is simple and enlightening: a Rickey made with mango, mint and cucumber infused vodka. It’s very nice and heading towards a finale. The next drink should have a small amount of simple syrup (½ teaspoon) to enhance the mango flavor, slices of mango and cucumber, and mint sprigs for garnish.

It was surprising how much the lime juice really brought the drink together. Whereas the lime seemed to force out the mango in the Mojango, in this drink it helps settle it in. We’ll see what happens when the simple syrup and garnish come into play.