So we have not so bad, and we have bad. Tonight we had a bit of both and none of the definitely good. I sip upon a mango, chartreuse, vodka cocktail. Of note, color matters: green and yellow are not fine bedfellows, and my browinsh, baby shit colored cocktail tastes intriguing and looks repulsive.

When the juicer was whipped out, I knew bad things were in store. But desire for experimentation outweighed theories of chemical concentrations. Mint was juiced into a substance similar to wheat grass. It was a combination of minty and chlorophyll. Mango was juiced into a sludge reminiscent of “juiced” banana. The mixture was colorfully offensive and the flavor a sad attempt at being creative.

The Mojango was closer to something worth building. New theory: the mango is such a specific flavor, it would be best infused into a clean alcohol like vodka and honored in a subtle way. This means I need to look into the Chartreuse and vodka drinks, because I’d really like to find the combination of Chartreuese and mango to swoon my favorite bartender. I’m wary of a mango gin because of the strong personalities, but some experimentation will lend insight.